Services & Consulting


Educational Facilities Planning

I work with architects, school districts, and construction management to create flexible spaces for teaching in the 21st century.  My experience teaching in a variety of settings gives me unique insight into how a physical space can enhance instruction and increase student achievement.

Project Based Learning

With 10 years of experience utilizing Project Based Learning in the classroom, Energy Bee can work to implement Project Based Learning in the classroom for any grade level, on a district wide scale.

Green Energy Education

Careers in the “green energy” sector are increasingly in demand.  Energy Bee writes curriculum tied to the standards of the accrediting agency for various green energy fields that prepares students for a career in alternative energy or continuing education in “green energy.”

Technology Integration

Controversy over the use of technology in the classroom is commonplace, in part because of poor utilization of technology resources.  I help educators use technology not only as a consumption tool, but a powerful method for collaboration and production.  This training can be customized to the district’s specific technology resources such as G Suite, Microsoft, or iOs.

Interdisciplinary Teaching

Respected educational entities such as Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate acknowledge the benefits of interdisciplinary teaching as creating real world experiences instead of isolated education experiences.  Design Thinking in education lends itself to designing engaging interdisciplinary experiences for teachers and students.

English & Career Education

Literacy in the higher grades should not only reflect literature and traditional skills, but should include reading and interpreting technical documents, as well as writing skills for business. Energy Bee will work with educators to develop literacy programs across the curriculum to promote student achievement in reading and writing.


And to keep relevant...

 I routinely practice new methods in my own classroom to stay current with the evolution of student preferences and learning styles.  I routinely work with groups of teachers to share strategies for creating engaging work that encourages students to be independent learners and thinkers.